The venue of the TWEPP 2022 conference is Grand Hotel Terminus, beautifully situated in Bergen city center.(c) Grand Terminus

The hotel is right next to the train station and the city station. Bus stops, tram stops and taxis are close by. The nearest parking garage is ByGarasjen. It is walking distance to the city’s many attractions.

The address of the hotel is (map):

Grand Hotel Terminus

Zander Kaaes gt 6

5015 Bergen



From Bergen Airport Flesland:

  • Tram (Bybanen) to Nonneseter. Walking distance 100 meters.
  • Airport shuttlebus to City Station. Walking distance 300 meters.

From Bergen Railway Station:

  • Walking distance 20 meters.

By car:

  • Parking in ByGarasjen. Our guests receive a 15% discount.


(c) Grand TerminusIn connection with the National Exhibition in Bergen in 1928, the city finally got its own Grand Hotel. It really lived up to its name, and was long the city’s most luxurious accommodation and a source of pride for the city’s population. The hotel was preserved by the National Antiquarian in 2012, as an outstanding example of modern 20th-century hotel architecture.

The crown jewel in the Grand Hotel Terminus collection, Bar Amundsen, must also be mentioned. Here, our great polar scientist Roald Amundsen held his last press conference before he disappeared without a trace in the Arctic Ice between Tromsø and Svalbard in an attempt to save his Italian colleague and rival, Nobile.

Bar Amundsen is today best known for its award-winning whiskey collection. By naming it Bar Amundsen, the noble deeds and drops unite in a historic room with a long tradition for both.





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